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At the governing body meeting on 29 June 2020, it was agreed that the title of the Management Committee will be changed to the Board. Documentation will be adjusted on an ongoing basis and any mention of the Management Committee will refer to the Governing Body of the Association which will be known in future as the Board.

The management of the association is controlled by a voluntary, unpaid board which can consist of up to 15 members (including co-opted members). One third of the elected members are required to stand down from the board each year though they can be nominated for re-election if they so wish.

For details of our current board & governance structure has been laid out in the attached PDF Document.

Board Member

Date Joined

Casual Vacancy

Date last elected
to Board

Office Held Date First Elected
to Office
Date Last Elected
to Office
Ian Young 21 March 2016 Elected 18 July 2022 Chairperson 17 July 2023  17 July 2023 PDF
David Clapham 20 July 2020 Elected 17 July 2023 Vice Chairperson 17 July 2023  17 July 2023 PDF
Audrey Sinclair 24 June 2013 Elected 18 July 2022       PDF
Liz Williams 17 December 2018 Elected 17 July 2023        
Iain Lewis 21 December 2020 Elected 19 July 2021        
Robin Nairn 16 May 2022 Elected 18 July 2022        
Emma Johnston 16 May 2022 Elected 18 July 2022        
Gareth Morgan 16 May 2022 Elected 18 July 2022        
John Watson 16 May 2022 Elected 18 July 2022        
Robert Muir 29 August 2022 Elected 17 July 2023        

Meetings of the board are held monthly and the main responsibilities include:

  • Setting the association's aims and objectives
  • Agreeing strategies to achieve the aims and objectives
  • Considering and approvingpolicies and procedures
  • Ensuring adequate resourcesto carry out the activities of the association
  • Taking legal responsibility for the association and its actions

If you would like to receive further information on becoming a board member, you can telephone us on 01478 612035 or send an email.

Download the board meeting agenda or meeting minutes.

Download the membership of the board Policy & Procedures document.

Our Staff

The association currently employs 48 members of staff, including a Technical Services team of 14.

Download the staff structure document.

The Senior Management team consists of the Chief Executive, Technical Manager, Director of Finance and Corporate Services, Development Manager Lead, Tenant Engagement & Support Manager and Housing Services Manager.


Lochalsh & Skye Housing Association

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Telephone: 01478 612035

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9 am to 5 pm, Monday to Friday

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