Other Services

We will . . .

  • Publish plans in advance in our newsletter and website when we are undertaking major maintenance work and ensure this information is regularly updated

  • Consult with tenants about the works being planned

  • Advise how the work will affect the tenant and their occupation of the property

  • Wherever possible give tenants a choice in colour, design, finishes

  • Advise when work will commence and how long it will take, ensuring works are carried out at reasonable times

  • Issue relevant details about each contract, e.g. contractors

  • Provide a named member of staff to manage and answer queries or problems associated with a contract

  • Inspect all works individually at the end of the contract

  • React to tenant satisfaction comments resolving any problems

  • Advise tenants of planned maintenance works completed each year

  • Advise tenants of the contribution we may make towards any disturbance they have experienced when improvements are made

  • In exceptional circumstances find tenants alternative accommodation and assist tenants to move if required for major improvement works

  • Carry out Electrical Safety Inspections every ten years and any other Landlord safety obligations

  • Ensure we maintain the common areas and advise tenants, when requested, of the scope terms of our grounds maintenance contract

Tenants must . . .

  • Allow staff and contractors reasonable access to their property to plan and carry out planned maintenance programmes

  • Allow access for Electrical Safety Inspections to ensure the safety of services and appliances in their home as required

  • Advise us of any problems or omissions with any of our contracts


Lochalsh & Skye Housing Association

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Telephone: 01478 612035

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9 am to 5 pm, Monday to Friday

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