Repairs Responsibilities

For information about our Right to Repair - click here.

Our Responsibilities

  • Provide a variety of simple and convenient ways for repairs to be reported

  • Advise tenants of their repairs and maintenance responsibilities

  • Recharge tenants the cost of any repairs that are their responsibility or have been caused by their neglect of the property

  • Provide an out-of-hours emergency service

  • Carry out:

    • Emergency repairs within 8 hours

    • Urgent repairs within 2 full working days

    • Routine repairs within 10 full working days

    • Standard Void Repairs within 10 full working days

  • Ensure a convenient appointment is made in the morning or afternoon when attending to non-emergency repairs

  • Ensure that contractors have personal identification, carry out works within the timescales and tidy up after completing works

  • Offer appointments as required for inspections

  • Provide opportunity for tenants to comment on the quality of completed works

  • Advise tenants of the extent and cost of repairs that are their responsibility before they have left the property at the end of their tenancy

  • Advise tenants of the minimum letting standards for their property and seek feedback on their satisfaction with the condition of their new home

  • Ensure there is a valid EPC (Energy Performance Certificate) and other relevant information in the property

  • Inspect a minimum of 10% of completed repairs and re-let properties to check the quality of the completed works

Tenants’ Responsibilities

  • Keep their home in a reasonable state of cleanliness and good decorative order

  • Report repairs or faults in their own home or in the common areas as soon as possible

  • Allow staff access to inspect their property when required

  • Make sure our contractors can gain access to carry out repairs and maintenance

  • Carry out repairs that are their responsibility

If you want to know more about how we maintain and upgrade your home, and how your rent money is spent please read this short information leaflet




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