Tenant Additions & Alterations

Tenants must . . .

  • Always ask our permission in writing before they start any improvement work – a form is available to allow tenants to apply for this permission

  • Carry out the work to the guidelines we give and supply any certifications, permissions and approvals requested from third parties

  • Allow staff access to inspect the alterations/improvements carried out

  • Contact us prior to moving out to agree if any improvements/alterations carried out can be left at the end of their tenancy

  • Re-instate or replace the original fixtures and fittings where advised to do so

We will . . .

  • Not unreasonably refuse permission for any alterations or improvements

  • Advise tenants in writing of any Standard Conditions, restrictions or rights to compensation where they are given permission for alterations or improvements

  • Inspect, where appropriate, before or after alterations or improvements have been carried out to ensure the work is done to a reasonable standard

  • Give a decision within 10 days of receipt of a request to undertake an alteration and state the reasons if permission is refused

  • Ask tenants to remove or reinstate any unauthorised alterations/improvements. If tenants fail to do this and we are required to carry out this work they will be recharged the cost of the work


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