Tenants’ Voice

The Association has set up a new Tenants’ Voice group and membership is open to any of our tenants or occupiers with an interest in reviewing aspects of the Association’s work. No specific skills are needed - just your experience of being an Association tenant or occupier.

The group provides people with the opportunity to look at how we deliver our services. It gives you the opportunity to work with us to help us to make service improvements that tenants want in matters such as the quality of our repairs performance, our anti-social behaviour arrangements, our customer service standards and the estate management of the area in which you live.

What has Tenants’ Voice done so far?

The group was set up earlier this year, and the following is a list of work carried out so far:

  • An in-depth review of our Tenant Participation Strategy

  • Assistance in designing the Annual Report on the Charter Report Card

  • Agreeing a code of conduct and confidentiality agreement for the group

  • Reviewing our anti-social behaviour policy and procedures

  • A visit to our new properties at Home Farm, Portree and feedback to the Association on design and specification issues

Why participate?

There are many benefits of tenant participation for individuals as well as for the Association and local communities.

For example, as an individual you can have:

  • a chance to influence decisions that affect your own home or your locality

  • confidence in collective support from other tenants and occupiers on local issues

  • information and increased awareness about the Association’s plans and activities

  • Working collectively as a tenants group can bring other benefits too, for example:

  • helping us to identify the local priorities and issues for tenants and occupiers

  • gathering views and opinions from tenants and occupiers and using this to inform the wider group

  • providing information to local people through open meetings, newsletters and other events


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