How does the Association deal with anti-social behaviour?

The Association will encourage neighbours to resolve their own problems, however, we will treat all cases of anti-social behaviour seriously and will take action against any tenant/sharing owners breaking the terms of their tenancy agreement/occupancy agreement.

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Responsibilities of a tenant/sharing owner

  • keeping to their tenancy agreement/occupancy agreement;

  • being responsible for the actions of the members of their household and of their visitors;

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Responsibilities of the Association

We will:-

  • make sure that all existing and prospective tenants/sharing owners are fully aware of their responsibilities and of the action that will be taken against them if they (or anyone whom they are responsible) behaves in an anti-social manner.

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Taking Action

We will:

  • consider the use of arbitration to resolve neighbour disputes before further action is taken.

  • where arbitration fails, take action against anti-social tenants/sharing owners, to include visits, letters, liaison with other agencies and take legal action where necessary.

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“Minor” Problems

We will:

  • encourage tenants/sharing owners to resolve their own disputes wherever possible by speaking to their neighbours at the start of a minor problem.

  • record all such problems in case they develop further.

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